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Data shows:

➔ In China, 55% of new internet companies are founded by women.

➔ Startups with at least one female on their founding teams perform better than all-male teams by 63%.

With women becoming a greater force in the technology industry, the involvement of women in the tech development process is also more important. An increase in the number of female entrepreneurs has resulted in greater industry diversification. The future success of STEM is linked to the future success of women!

Investing in women has already become a buzz topic, with women becoming a core part of the industry's future.

The progress of both women and STEM is inextricably linked; STEM provides women with numerous opportunities, while women contribute their talents and provide STEM industries with an even brighter future.

In the background of the Belt and Road Initiative, this event aims to build an international startup sharing platform, with the world's brightest international startup teams from 12 countries across the world coming to share their ideas, related to education, medicine, AI, robotics, biotechnology, new media and other industries. They will share their paths to entrepreneurship and discuss the progress of women in leadership and economic development.

What is it like being a female founder? Why are women the future of STEM?

The Women Entrepreneurship Salon: The New Age of Female Entrepreneurship will answer these questions and more!

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Women Entrepreneurship Salon|Women Innovation

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